Standing On The Edge Of The World

July 12, 2010
I am standing on the edge of the world
About to jump into space
Time and gravity can’t slow me down
As I enter His embrace

My life on Earth was viewed
And now I stand judgment forth
I wait calmly for the passing
Of the everlasting torch

But as I am about to step forward
Into heaven’s rainbow so sheer
Everything turns black as coal
And the colors start to disappear

What is happening? I cried
I felt so agitated
But I watched miserably and helpless
As heaven slowly faded

Distance is growing
A mighty voice boomed
From man and immortality
For they caused their doom

They polluted the rivers
And they clogged the skies
They made the angels here
Moan and groan and cry

Spirits wandering
Waiting for the gates to open
Are sadly mistaken, for
I have no heaven to show them

Man has caused their own destruction
And separated from God
Until each and every one of them
Is considered a fraud

They caused this distance
Not one of them is pure
For deeds beyond punishment
Heaven has no cure

So watch now, child
As heaven fades from here
Into the dark oblivion
Until it disappears

You spirits and souls shall wander
For all eternity
You brought this fate upon yourself
And brought it upon me

Sad enough my dwelling is now
Without my children near
This will teach man a lesson
One they must come to fear

Perhaps I shall return sometime
When man understands and learns
And strives to correct their faults
Only then will heaven return

And then the voice echoed away
And I understood the message
Man was not to have pleasures
Until they too learned this lesson

God had tried to talk to us
With us he greatly chided
Because we destroyed
What He so willingly provided

We didn’t listen and took for granted
We went down the wrong path for sure
One thing’s for certain, though
Heaven isn’t for man anymore

So I stood there on the edge of the world
Waiting for heaven to come back my way
But it hasn’t returned
And I still stand there to this day

However man on earth is still not pure
And with God’s gifts they are still messin’
I now know what God meant:
Man still hasn’t learned their lesson

It was a sad truth, that they were so unaware
The thought made my stomach curl
But I had eternity to ponder that
As I was standing on the edge of the world

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iWriteToExpressThouqhts said...
Aug. 20, 2010 at 4:43 pm

great work , well written :] keep up the awesome work

btw : thanks for checking my work . It means a lot :]

Jellybean9898 replied...
Aug. 29, 2010 at 7:27 pm
sure. happy 2 read :)
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