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June 25, 2010
By myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
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I don't want what we have to be cut short
Sir, hear me, please don't take the long way home
What's the cost of being free just to roam?
A man in black at my door to report
He says "miss you will need a casket court"
My brothers and my mother left alone
Out late, Im too scared to pick up the phone
Of metal pieces, what's left of your sort?
Me left to walk down alone on my day
A vow of silence when you can't see this rule
Fear fate will catch up to take you away
Listen, or our hearts won't feel again full
Sir, don't take the long way home I pray
For my father, you're not invincible

The author's comments:
When my father refused to wear a hemlut when he rode his motorcycle, I wrote this.

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