Love in the eyes of the heartbroken

July 4, 2010
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Love was supposed to save me from the horrors of life,
now i realize that all it is, is a sugar coated knife.
A devil dressed as an angel to suck you into its trap,
a switch blade come to rip out your heart and spill onto your lap.
A murderer dressed as a sweet youn innocent little lass,
yet really coming to turture you until the pain begins to pass.
Love is a lie, a harmful trick, and a sick little game,
I realize this as I feel my anger rise when you call my name.
It makes you dark and cynical, and makes you fall apart,
you ripped and tore and didn't stop until you destroyed every inch of my heart.
I regret every smile and glance and word to you ive ever spoken,
for b/c of you, i will now and forever eternally be heartbroken

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