Loving and Hating Together

June 11, 2010
By Tabitha Greer SILVER, Garfield, Kentucky
Tabitha Greer SILVER, Garfield, Kentucky
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Love and hate,
Go hand in hand,
You were my first date,
Wish I could take a stand.

Try as you might, you will never succeed,
Without gaining the other,
They break your heart and make you bleed,
Piece by piece, you become bitter.

Try as you might to pull ahead,
Something always drags you back,
To its horrendous, caring depth instead,
Your heart gets set offtrack.

Sneak a peak at your future,
It pulled out from under,
Your dreams, goals, was that special caller,
Your heart, no longer burns ember.

Time slips by,
No word descends from your oh, so kissable lips,
Not a breath fills your lungs, I reply,
What am I to do during this hardship.

Put it behind you,
Start is ahead, all over again,
You forgive and forget, its the best to do.

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