May 22, 2010
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There’s so much I think, but never say.
I wish I could get away, But I’m not fortuned with a special place.
I feel captured and tortured mentally, Therefore I don’t speak.
But if most could see, I’m just a broke Down girl andyou’resurvival key.
I want much more than what I got, But self esteem is my prevention to stop.
You encourage me like a book, instead of pressuring me to take chances;
You compliment me on The ones I’ve already took.
You’re my guide to that island Of hope.
Instead of money, intimacy Is something that’d help me cope.
My addiction is one that most Won’t understand.
It’s called: “The Suicidal Mission Of a Cautious Hand.”
Honestly, I’m just hoping to get Away, soon.
I’m tired of seeing everyone’s Faces turned up in the living room.
I’m digging for treasure, and baby, I’m digging deep!
I want to see the look on their faces when they see,
I’m destined to be someone they’ll never meet!
So I’m taking it day by day, Inch by piece.
I don’t have a Map and you don’t have a sea.
If Death’s around the corner, I’ll catch Him before he leaves.
Before I Say goodbye, I hope you care to Speak.
I say if eyes stop and stare then yeah, its meant to be.
And if you think it’s not, I guess We’ll wait and see.
But the unspoken words has got scared to stop and speak.
My chains have been Broken and some dreams I’ll never reach.
If distance is a crime, than I’m as guilty as priest.
And if lessons are learned, I guess this one you have to teach.
But my pride has been swallowed and my guilt’s on the leash.
Which never makes me ashamed to call you my survival key.

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ShenelleCrystalx3 said...
Jul. 10, 2010 at 2:42 pm
wow that was pretty good , I like the topic and how you wrote it :) please check out my work
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