May 7, 2010
By Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
Metallicajunkie DIAMOND, Hartfield, Virginia
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Replace old memories with new ones.

You’re always on crack,
you seem to be insane.
Yet not an ounce of talent do you lack,
though you’re still a little loose in the brain.
Master of the strings,
supreme songwriter.
With you by our side WE COULD LIVE LIKE KINGS!
Not to mention live days a bit brighter.
Louder, stranger, yet you’re still cool,
we laugh with you every day.
The class clown, the school fool,
we still miss you while you’re away.
So hurry back here,
come make us laugh again.
Live it up, it’s your last year,
weave more songs through paper and pen.
Come sing for us,
strum your guitar.
Make us laugh until we cuss,
let us see the student known as Bizarre.

The author's comments:
A friend of mine was sick for a while. So my creative writing class decided to each write something for him. I chose to write an extended sonnet. The title is is nickname. He's always been a crazy guy and a very talented guitarist. Jero, this one is for you man.

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