Using You

May 7, 2010
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I know he seems amazing,
Sweet-nothings he whispers
All the time...

Walks around givin' you flowers
Texts you every single hour
Knows what makes you laugh
And what makes you cry...

But I know what he's after
And you don't realise
What he wants


He wants your time
He wants your heart
He's gonna tear you apart
I don't care what they say
At the end of the day,

All he wants you to do
Is to let him do
What he wants to,
He don't care about your smarts
Your conversation, love for art

Your techno songs,
House by the sea--
He just wants you to be
His everything
His brand new toy
His bed and lover, what a ploy

But I can see through
He's just using you

(End Chorus)

One day he's nice
Then again he's cruel
What the hell is he doing to

Never thought the day would come;
He's finally admitted he thinks you're

Didn't know how to tell you before
You wouldn't have believed me
'Till you saw


Come on now, see through it please
He's using you
Just like he used me

He wants our time
He wants our smarts
He will not tear us apart
'Cause this is what we're gonna say:
F off users, go away!
You won't get our time, our love
You do not deserve us

We are better off by far
We are cute and we've got smarts
Try and sweep us off our feets
Then impotent's what you wanna be

Oh, no more!
He won't use me
Any more


Pretty soon you'll find a guy
Who will be sweet, who will be kind
He'll treat you just like royalty
This is who he's gonna be

And when you find this kind sweet guy
Tell him bout the other guys
Who treated you like s**t and dirt
Tell him how much you got hurt
The more we tell the kind sweet guys
The more others will realise
That girls are strong, we're not fools

Most of all,
We won't be used.

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