Im Looking

April 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Im looking for a man not a young boy,
To console me and hold me tight,
To pay me more attention than his toys,
Admits that he is wrong when i am right.

Im looking for someone whos always there,
Repairs all the tears in my big red heart,
He doesnt even worry what i wear,
The one who doesnt ever want to part.

Now in my time of need he will rescue,
No matter where we are he respects me,
The one even my uncles call newphew,
With Brian Coleman i will always be.

And when in sad he often makes me laugh,
Not looking for a young boy but a man,
Who makes sure im always on the right path,
He always treats me like no one else can.

And through the pain and tears from arguing

He says i LoVE YOU and all the birds sing.

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