The Apple Connoisseur

April 15, 2010
By , Grand Haven, MI
I find its flavor ever so sweet, as well as finding it tart,
Tasting the joy of its crisp texture, is what clearly sets them apart,
I savor its delicious taste, as I thoughtfully crunch,
Of course I eat it all the time, for breakfast dinner and lunch,
Why don’t I just spare you some time, and let you in on its name,
Apples are quite a unique fruit, which none are quite the same,
If you’ve never eaten this, I find you at a loss,
Freshly made from the freshest pick, of course its applesauce!
Picking the best ingredients, it’s clearly worth the wait,
Because it needs the right texture, to keep its taste so great,
Apples have varieties, some you probably knew,
I’ll be brief for time’s sake, so I’ll just mention a few,
Oh the green Granny Smith, I guess it’s quite a sight,
As I bring the SHINY green fruit, to my mouth as I take a bite,
At my first glance at Granny Smith, I highly thought it dour,
But when I chewed, I never knew, an apple quite so sour,
Honey crisp apples are popular, or so I must be told,
With skin so vividly pigmented, daubed with scarlet and gold,
Indeed they boast a confluence, a place where flavors meet,
With perfect balance and harmony of crisp and tart and sweet,
Then there’s Red Delicious, best picked in early fall,
Used for marvelous apple cider makes her the best of all,
She says hello to the day ahead, she’s a way to greet,
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially when she’s that sweet,
Caramel Apples are definitely, my favorite ones by far,
Though they make your hands sticky that’s the way they are,
Be sure to try an apple now and if you’re still unsure,
Read this and you will know I’m an apple connoisseur!

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