Lessons Learned

April 17, 2010
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I've come a long way,
these past few years of my life.
I think about it day after day,
how I've been through so much strife.
I'm more than grateful that I made it through,
those extremely unfortunate times.
I hate being able to say these stories are true,
but I will because I hate when people lie.
One of the most important things I've learned,
is to be positive your friends are true.
Because when you're all alone and time has turned,
your real friends will always be there for you.
I value them so much and we're always together,
thanks for being there for me Annalise, Katie, and Andrea; my best friends forever.

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reine said...
May 10, 2010 at 12:19 pm
me and you have something in common. we both love our friends and hold them dear in our heart of hearts. beautiful poem keep up the good work and i hope to read more of your poems :) :p ;) :D
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