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April 17, 2010
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Cazey: u know jesus risin from death right?

Mary: Yeah!

Cazey:doesnt make him like a zombie?

Mary: no dear it dont

Cazey:I think so cause when people come from the dead its called a zombie and i dont mean the one that eats brains or flesh but still. or a vampire. OMG what if he was a vampire!

Mary: They arent reall!

Cazey: U never kow alot of people say god is not real and i bet u think he is and u dont actually have proof u just believe and i believe.

Mary:They arent. i believe somethings and i gives me something to work for in life

Cazey: well ok i believe in many things in this world and that will help me through my life u know. u dont have to take it seriously i was just thinking, dont take it to heart

Mary:You dont play around that way

Cazey:Y not who is to say

Mary: well if your goen to play around like tht i dnt wnat to talk to you... bc its not funny.

Cazey:Ur taking it to heart its a question not a real fact. Y u getting all worked up if god is angry he will strike me. Y do you? is it not gods will, he encourages questions so its not like im using his name in vain its a question. if it will make you happy i wont ask question i will forever be consilled in my mind pondering never asking. Is that ur will?

Mary:girl if you have questions bout god........ go to church!

Cazey:OMG seriousle Y besides they probably wont consider my question like any other church i shall be damned questions like that they say should be asked. It is not gods will.

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey: why should god be an argument.

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey: please dont be mad at me!

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey:I can ask questions but if ur gonna be like this just forget it nvm!!!


Cazey: Fine : (

Mary: im not mad....

Cazey: (no reply)

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reine said...
May 10, 2010 at 12:28 pm
This made me laugh so hard i feel down on my butt! now i am in a good mood thank you! Keep writing more of these please!
Cassi O. replied...
May 10, 2010 at 8:50 pm
lol your welcome the thought came to me by reading a sign saying he is risin aah anoyed me lol im glad you like it
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