April 16, 2010
By Barbara Mera BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Barbara Mera BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Two young ladies met one day by surprise
Within short time these girls became best friends,
If one was sad, she comforted her cries
Oh, this friendship could never, ever end,

They played and laughed all day, nonstop good times
Friendship so good you could'nt find a fault
Loved to joke and acted silly sometimes
Sadly, eventually came to a halt,

They said their friendship would last forever
But separation had come into play,
Foung out they each had their own endeavor
Each went for their own and up to this day,

Got caught up in life and things of that sort,
Forever suddenly seemd just so short.

The author's comments:
To me this poem is very sad and it is something that many, many teens go through. Forever is sometimes shorter than we think. The poem is about two girls that had this amazing friendship, and thought that they were going to be friends forever. But as life changes, people change, and situations change and that friendship that they once thought was going to last forever, turns out to last shorter than we think.

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