Love for a Cancerous God

April 6, 2010
Never thinking I would love you.
The way my heart beats
forms this strange love into dew
that lines my heart with a simple concrete

If concrete could melt it would,
but for now it will crack and crumble.
Future cessation turns life into the stalest wood.
I have but one thing to ask; if at all that humble.

Will you join my in holy matrimony?
I love you and you can't leave this world without love.
Hold my hand and say I do under our patrimony.
The purest of creatures is you, my white dove.

People are rude and I am sorry they were so satirical
and I forgot to mention I do believe in miracles.

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dianaforfree said...
May 19, 2010 at 10:29 am
I love this so much.  i love the heart/concrete metephor thing going. i love the raw innocence being played out, as well. this is my favorite of yours so far. (=
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