What You Did

March 13, 2010
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My body is a shell of nothingness
One day, you came along
And I let you inside
And you got to know my secrets
My wants
My needs
My lies
My life
My soul

And you took them
You sucked them out
Everything that was inside me
I have to live without

You took all my feelings
You took what I am
And you removed them from my soul

You left me empty
Just my shell
I don't know what it feels like to be happy
My life is hell

You took my heart
Because I let you
You crushed it into a million pieces
And then devoured it, too

You destroyed my soul
You Touched everything in my life
You make me want to impail myself
With a long, sharp knife

You made me believe
That I meant something
But in reality
To you, I meant nothing

So you took me
And removed everything happy
And left a sad person
Feeling very crappy

I regret knowing you
I regret letting you know me
I regret believing your lies
Because I gave you my key

So here I am
Sitting her, torn apart
I loved you so much
But you blew up my heart

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