Sonnet from a Voice Above

March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I take my seat in the back of the room
Sitting alone with my thoughts to myself
Staring at the wall with eyes like the moon
Twirling my pen and humming to the shelf

When out of the blue, you stand up and say
“Hey look, everyone! It’s Justin the Freak!”
My response: Your words will not keep me at bay
Not a thing you say can make me feel weak!

Yes, that was true, but a fist did the trick
You punched me, caused pain I’d not felt before
I fell to the floor, feeling worse than sick
You stopped only when my pulse was no more

But what really killed me while I was mauled
Is that those who saw did nothing at all

The author's comments:
What started out as a mandatory english assignment became something very personal and real for me. My usual style of poetry is song-parodies and Dr. Seuss-esque couplet writing, but this assignment gave me the chance to expand my mind and challenge myself to write other types of poetry. This was a great therapeutic excersise for me, and helped me through a rough time.

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