I Can't Forget

March 22, 2010
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His face. His smell. His touch. His name.
Have been stuck in my head like an endless game.
When he first left, I shed countless tears,
That continued on throughout the years.
For all those years he never knew.
That my love for him grew and grew.
He made me grow like a flower in the spring.
He was always nice to me and never mean.
My love, my heart, I dream of every night.
I miss him so much, with all my might.
I can't forget his handsome face...
It's my way of getting through the dreadful days.
I can't forget his lingering smell...
Which has tortured me worse than hell.
I can't forget his touch that mingles...
When his hand touched mine, I felt so many tingles...
Rush up my arm and down my spine,
I wished for so long he'd become mine.
Now at last I can't forget his name...
The name that has driven me nearly insane.

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