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March 25, 2010
Dark approaches, softly silent
Sun defeated in this one moment
Dark advances, night is advent
Slowly chases light away

Forest shadows growing longer
Cover earth with blackness somber
Breaks a path as night grows stronger
Take the place of light of day

Tiny sparrows in small nest's warmth
Huddle closer as to form
Protection from the lightless storm
The night has over them hold sway

Mother doe and spotted fawn
Hide away from lone wolf's song
The vengeful howl of midnight's spawn
Warning to undercover stay

Tree limbs creak in empty darkness
Echo as in hopeless sadness
Giving voices to the soulless
Figures forming, bleak and grey

Shrouded mists creep into sight
Glow unearthly in pale moonlight
An evil, mindless hungry light
Which mortals' heartbeat swift delay

Along the forest path moves slight
Winds of old forgotten life
Blown away on wings of night
Until returns light of day

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