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March 11, 2010
By Jordan Davis BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jordan Davis BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It is something that most people can’t find
It is something most people wish they had
That is why I’m so happy I have mine.
If he were to let me go I’d be sad.

I never want to leave or let him go.
Being around him makes me so happy.
When around him my face has a bright glow
Around him I could never feel crappy

But no, the feeling is not always great.
At times we may argue and we may fight
When this happens all I can do is wait
And hope it will be okay by night

When I’m all alone I sit and think of
How my life would be without you, my love

The author's comments:
In my class, we were reading "Romeo and Juliet". As some of you may know the story starts with the chorus speaking in the form of a sonnet with iambic pentameter. My teacher challenged us to write a sonnet with at least the first stanza in the iambic pentameter.

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