The Butterfly Room

February 17, 2010
By Anonymous

The butterfly room lies empty.
Cold, dusty, and worn
You've been stuck as the Atlas of two different worlds
And for far too long, you've been torn

I'll say I tried to save you from yourself
But we both know that's close to a lie
I've failed once, I've failed twice, what's a third time?
It's far too hard to fight you or try

You see, your views have been set since childhood
Your pain was mapped out in the same
You don't have the tools, the will, or the rules
So all you have left is your blame

"My father's a drinker"
"My mother's no good"
"Only in his arms can I ever be safe"
"If he asked it of me, I would"

So you'll sell yourself in desperation,
And disregard all of our calls
You'll return to us tattered, broken, and battered
In regret that you let down your walls

We knew his love can never last
Born of passion rather than true love
But you'll give up your innocence, blinded by grief and lust
And slip into your role like a glove

But we'll all be here to await your return
With a bittersweet feast and parade
And we'll meet you in this butterfly room
Where you can finally rest in our shade

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