the friday before the rest of my life

February 10, 2010
By , zephyrhills?, FL
i never once forgot your face.
the contours engraved in my mind.
I'll always remember the time and place.
though you'll always be one step behind.

i told myself that it didnt mean much.
I made myself believe i didnt care.
but i know i'll never forget your touch,
the warmth of your skin, the smell of your hair.

so when i step back, and take a good look,
im no longer blind to whats real.
its not how its described in movies and books,
this isnt what they say that i'll feel.

when i look to the ceiling, and break from your stare,
i forget the drunken dance of our tongues.
i absorb how it REALLY feels, the scent in the air.
Alcohol and drugs smother my lungs.

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