Tick Tock

January 10, 2010
By Paul Brzyski BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Paul Brzyski BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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Back and fourth the pendulum swings
In eternal limbo, unable to find rest
Like my mind considering you, you cut my wings
I’m repelled by your recklessness, yet it pulls me at the chest
You are the big hand, I the little
I am perpetually fleeing, but to no avail
You once again overtake me, I remain in the middle
Of this hopelessly cyclical tale
A tale whose years catch my fortitude
And Stretch it thin each time before releasing me
Knowing I can never get away, I’ve lost all solitude
Round n Round I go, yearning to be free
But if this time clock should ever stop
I would have lost you, and I’d surely drop.

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