today i am feeling bad

November 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Today I'm feeling I'll
i think i may have a chill
it started in my head
and i ended up in bed
my stomach hurts
and i have the squirts
i know this isn't nice to say
but it will be okay
for this is just a rhyme
to let you know how i feel at this time
this is a feeling deep down inside
it's a feeling that i just can't hide
for all that are around me
know that I'm just not me, you see
what does this mean
i wished it was all just a dream
for this makes me mad
that I'm feeling so bad
hopefully in a day or two
this will be gone
and I'll be feeling brand new
maybe tomorrow i want be so mad
and maybe just maybe
i want feel so bad

The author's comments:
I inspired my self for writing this poem because me and my family are going through a rough
because i am having a baby.

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