moving on

November 7, 2009
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i knew from the start
that i love you with all my heart
but how could that be the main reason
for my heart to break on and on

every time i see you
i can't help but to wonder
what really went wrong
to our love that's so strong

i can't help but to think back
all of the memories that we had
all of the good times that we shared
and all of the tears that's been shed

i hate for this day to come
and i'm not prepared to overcome
all the feelings that i once had
coz i know i will be hurt real bad

but i know i need to wake up
and admit that it's not going back
all the feelings that we once had
and everything to be the same again

i need to move on with my life
and forget all the past
i need to clear off the dust
and mend my heart back

i'll keep the sweet memories
and i'll treasure all the feelings
but i will forget the hardest thing
and that is the goodbye that i keep enduring

we both know that the magic is gone
and our relationship is all done
so i guess i had no choice now
but to move on and take a bow

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