May 2, 2018
By Anonymous

It's really hard to think

You just never know where your going to be

Life just happens all in a blink

Will I ever be me

I just wanna see where this road goes

How hard will I fall

I honestly don't even know


Every kid begs there parents to go to the mall

While I'm sitting home, hoping I won't fall

I have some issues I need to address

Some that involve you

Always bringing me cheer

I had lost all of my fear

But I'm near the end of my life

I realize I gotta fight

Over by my heart is a knife

One that's been there for so many nights

I question if I'll ever find love

Something that I've pushed away for quite some time

It's just flown away like a dove

A subject that I'll never understand

Unlike math or science

It's something you feel

The one thing no one can just give

It’s a big deal

It's how we live

What drives us to be are best

That's why a man always protects his family

A home that's a nest

He know the dangers of people who are too friendly


I know what I have to do

I can't just lay still

I can't be like a cow and go moo

No I have to go out and feel

Meet new people n' try to connect

I can't just feel like a defect

A boy no one wants

That's why I'm starting to grow up

Trying to change my font

Can't let anyone stop me with a bump

I need to be better

Change in my life is something you will see


Friends may be by my side

Till I die hopefully they will ride

Although nothing last forever

My life is something I endeavor

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece last year when I was in a state of mind I can't describe. The reason I am publishing this is because my friend suggested I should. 

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