Give Us A Voice

April 10, 2018

All these attacks
Government turning their backs
Stone and douglas
All these kids just trying to follow their compass
Hate in the world is all I see
I wish I could just flee
Now I don't even feel free

Violent attacks
Discrimination against blacks
Why can't we just unite
That's what our country is named right
Then there's the NRA
Who are just in the way
We might as well call them the KKK
Letting people die like its D-day

Clear backpacks
Ain't gonna do jack
Might as well let them shoot me
Maybe then the governments will hear our pleas
I guess that's the only way I'll be free

A place once thought safe
Doesn't even have a fail-safe
There should be not disputing espec….
What was that, I think they just entered my buildi….
AMBER ALERT: Another shooting

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