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Heartbreak by Aux PyRose

April 6, 2018
By AuxPyRose BRONZE, Sacramento, California
AuxPyRose BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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yeah heartbreak, I’m trapped in a dark place
how can I go day to day or concentrate when you say you needed time away or some space
told me to be patient
feels like its been days spent
just wondering about you and what we could have been
let me in, I’m hooked on adrenaline, you're my medicine

we really could’ve been something
you're going to my head concussion
usually when feelings come I get to ducking
you’re causing suffering
let me see where this goes
I need my payroll
but love ain’t all rainbows,
she switched up on me real quick
she change emotion like she change clothes
got me in chains like Django

wow, just my luck, just wanted to try this s*** out like a pair of new chucks, would have given you the world hop inside a Benz truck, why you thinking bout you when it should have been us
I was tryna see you glow up, talk about our problems like grown ups, but you turn your back and there goes trust, got me stuck in handcuffs, going in circles doing doughnuts

imma go ahead and talk real tricks
how you got me gambling throwing in all of my chips
got me weak in the knees, bite the bottom of your lip
I’m crawling in my grave got me straight from the rip
like damn,
I’m just tryna vibe with broccoli like dram
take care of the fam
you came around around the cash
proceeded to digital dash
you left me in dust coughing ash

you said let the past be the past
but can I move on when I’m still bleeding from when I got stabbed
gave me some newtron like jimmy and then you just had to blast
what kinda stuff is that
I guess I gotta cut you some slack,
you move was genius, i got the bag
so you scouted rerouted and found the same track, got you some money and found a new man

you're like the predators on nat geo wild, I’ve seen every episode
and when the lion catches up to gazelles no way in hell does it let it go
snake venom poisonous bites but you ain’t giving me the antidote
now I’m floating in oceans an island hearbreak archipellago, breaking connections over telephone
barbie girls all plastic and sillicone

im tryna ketchup, guess you the dijon
im tryna be mature, let bygons be bygons
sewin my heart up with needles and nylon
deleting old memories, burning my nikon
trial and error with no sense of terror is nothing i guess
you give so much that sometimes you forget to collect
like future said, go chase a check

so this is my letter, not an apology
I’m venturing out to establish a colony
Positive vibes I just hope I survive
have a nice live, reverse psychology
you are beneath me not talking equality
I’m speeding up fast, check the velocity
I’m so motivated there’s nothing that’s stopping me
so when I make and you don’t know how it take it, please do no talk to me
yeah…don’t talk to me

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From Aux PyRose: A Mixtape Coming Soon

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