An ascetic under a solar panel

March 21, 2018

Will the wind not blow?
And make sing the black crow?
Will the boatmen their boats not row?
And make the waters still and slow?
Will the sun never glow?
And let the barley in the fields grow?
Will the fire never end?
And let remain wood 'wooden'?

Let me enquire Zeus and Poseidon,
Let me ask Ra and Neper.
Yes they say, but if we may,
Remain quenched and never aspire for,
Defying horology and creating clones in zoology.
But how was I to pursue the contemporary world?
Changing so fast that it made 'destructive birds'.
Owned by men whose reason was blind?
Still I stood among them to warn.
But they confused me that when and where God was born?
I went on to believe them and my faith became sand blind.

Will the plants look green ?
And absorb the blue and red dispersed beam?
Will the flaws in motion be removed?
With the three laws of it being proved?
Will the theory of natural selection defy the role of God?
By linking us with a simian which eats banana and pod?
Will any of the periodic elements be similar ?
Of what composed 'manna' the life giver?

Let me enquire Hales and Newton,
Let me ask Darwin and Lavoisier.
Yes they say, but if we may,
Remain unquenched and always aspire for,
Building a time machine and re cloning dinosaurs.
But how was I to pursue the unchanged blind faith?
Changing so slowly that usury was a sin yesterday.
Controlled by men whose faith was blind ?
Still I stood among them to warn,
But they questioned me that can science make dead to re born?
I went on to believe them and my became an agnostic.

Within me religion and science entwined,
And met each other to unite and bind.
I am now an ascetic under a solar panel,
Who harks to devotional choir on a radio channel.
I love to associate the ark of covenant with an electric transformer,
And the holy grail with a glass of red bull with ice cubes as modifier.

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