Diffrent worlds

March 21, 2018
By IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
IsabelWondrasch BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
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Cold toes, red noes beating heart.
Sore throat, No coat, jeans ripped apart.
see These Snowflakes keep falling on demand.
Late nights different men different hands.
I’m Addicted to meds can’t get out of bed with all this pain.
No home and all alone, now the streets know my name.
I was broke from the beginning so how am I supposed to heal.
After all the tears and sinning I could never really feel.
I never really lived just new how to survive.
10 different homes by the time I was five.
Why am I here? Does anyone care? What am I supposed to be.
Never new my mother. Beaten by my brother.  Who really wants me
Too many lips on mine, hurt and confined. No one cares.
So many souls, patched up holes, please don’t stare
Broken teen, scared, hurt and mean. Breaking from within.
All these scars, people and cars, living on heroine
My eyes are tired and my hair is messy what are you gonna see.
Under my black makeup, scars and runny noes what makes me.
Cause I’m sitting on a street talking do everyone I meet trying to find lose change.
Late nights at bars, getting picked up by random cars everything stays the same
but I don’t want people to stare or always ask if people care, I wanna be alive
I don’t want the snowflakes falling, I want a phone people will be calling. 1 home by the time I was five
the streets wouldn’t know my name. My bed would stay the same, I would know my mother.
I wouldn’t be broken from within, living off heroine. Id be close with my brother.
These little things would be my life and I could go to school.
crying over Drama with my friends and dating a tool.
not eating my dinner, focusing on looking thinner, vacations once a year
Good grades and white lies, parties and guys, heights would be my biggest fear.
I want that kind of life, want a future be someones wife. Someone to care.
Never hungry, overwhelmed by money, a family to share.


Pretty eyes, skinny thighs, a fake smile.
blonde hair, the need to care, haven’t seen my dad in awhile
see my parents are always fighting because my dads never home.
Lies where he ls, works to forget, hands on a girl with no comb.
Im a addicted to my, hunger can’t sleep no longer With all the things in my head.
a house to large, four garages 2 cars, hurting from what my mother said.
My perfect family is taring apart, happy photos hurt hearts. Am I alive?
Can’t complain about my pain, having this perfect life in shame, I always seem to survive
Under my pretty pink lipstick and nice clothes who do they see.
Cause I’m dyeing inside and hurting cause food is now what controls me.
calorie counting, my parents doubting, nothing ever seems to change.
Hard work at school, dating a tool, all to grow up only to be the same.
to many diet pills, running up hills, I’m scared of my own reflection.
Voices always mumbling, my feet always stumbling, my dad doesn’t show my mom affection.
my eyes are tried, my smile is wried and I never seem to try.
Never good enough, always acting touch, who cares for a rich girl that crys.
See I never wanted to stop eating, i never wanted to have to be exciting. I wanted my own life.
I didn’t wanna do what others say, didn’t want to hurt in everyway. i wanna be my own person not somebody’s wife
I wanna be alone live on my own not be defined by my school.
I wanna want food to eat, I want new people to meet. Not date this tool
The school wouldn’t know my name, my room would always change. Wouldn’t be hated by my mother.
wouldn’t be hurting from inside. Wouldn’t not eat then lied. Didn’t have to compete with my brother
I want to live that way, no one to hurt me by what they say, just to be alone.
always hungry not over welcomed by money, no family to not care and to be on my own

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