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Double Death

January 26, 2018
By addycarroll BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
addycarroll BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Take me to the place where the dead men lay

Let me feel their presence if i may

Have the cursed spirits flood my dreams

And wash me down their broken streams


Push me down the river on a raft

It's made of fresh blood, almost like a bath

My thin raft has begun to shake

If I continue on, its bound to break


Nevermind that, there is nowhere to stop

Into the river of blood I surely will drop

It has begun, the raft has broke

I hope there is breath in me to float


I do not swim, never have, never will

My breath left and my body stood still

My spirit caried on, into burning fire it fell

This is my new life in the depths of hell


My skin is blistered and starting to peel

It starts to peel off i surely can feel

My pink fleshy self staggered to the cliff, I'm insane

I jump off to surely end my pain

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