Today is Mine

November 1, 2017
By DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
DarkRayne PLATINUM, Garden City, Idaho
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"I swear dude, one day, i'm gonna get off the bus and run into the forest, and i wont come back, and when i do, i'm gonna be the knife master." ~The Rev

I’ve been cast away,
Stricken of the day,
No light will shine,
To give me a sign,
I’ve lost today,
With nothing to say,
But that’s fine,
Today is mine,
What will you say?
When the skies are gray,
Will you say fine?
Or is yours like mine,
Hiding what I may,
Before I decay,
Prayers t your shrine,
Feast where you will dine,
The noose will fray,
To take it all away,
I’m hanging on a line,
I’ve said it to the divine,
I swear I’m not ok,
In any sort of way,
I crawl like a canine,
It’s pure asinine,
Cause every Sunday,
You sleep to the Monday,
I’m a forgotten outline,
Pinned like a porcupine,
Because on this very day,
Death is a holiday.

The author's comments:

this poem was experimental as well as informational, if you have any advice or feedback, you can leave a comment, Thanks Once Again.

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