A Sea of Gray

October 5, 2017
By Aferralles BRONZE, San Pedro, California
Aferralles BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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Gray makes you feel good at the beginning of winter

It is like a vulture when someone dies

It feels like a forbidden lover’s touch

Gray is there when a lost soul cries

We feel gray when we are confused

We feel gray when we’re cold

It’s at the sight of every disaster

Gray is the color of the old

It is someone waiting in anticipation

Gray is a woman about to cry

It is an old burden and new beginnings

It is the smell of life when someone dies

The author's comments:

This piece of writing comes from an assignment in my Creative Writing class. We had to choose a color and write a poem about it. I chose gray because it has both a positive and negative connotation when I think about it. I allude to many topics without mentioning them directly. Many of the lines are metaphors. Because I am a song writer, I am currently adding music to the lyrics.

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