The other side of the tracks

October 3, 2017
By Dj_derrick33 BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Dj_derrick33 BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Hard work beats talent When talent do not work hard

Bang there’s the gun shooting away

Every time I wake up I pray to see another day

Some people come from royalty

Where I come from there is no love and loyalty

Police sirens going off on the block

Police are firing gun shot’s

Yelling and screaming is all you hear

A mother ask god why he take her son from here

Young black teens getting put into body bags

Not on the the news it get to the point that's it's not even sad

That's how it is on the other side of the tracks

At a young age saw my best friend get shot in the back

Because police thought he had a sack

And that's how it is on the other side of the tracks

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