dear dad

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

my mother did it by herself cause you were never around

shoutout to my black queen you know held it down

wheres the flash cause my life aint picture perfect tryna be my father now its too late i closed the curtains. In & out my life and i wonder was it worth? what i do ? did i deserve it? feeling low i met the surface ah devil riding me like he surfing . i wont break and that for certain. show me love and then you curve wanna cry but whats the purpose? cant deny that im your child my face is the proof im looking in the mirror and all i see is you. you taught me how to swim and i could say that was some pride , if you would've never left i coulda had a full ride. yeah it kind of hurts but it is what it is. had my first heart break you wouldnt there to wipe my tears, been holding back for years and now venting to my peers another man walking out my life is what i fear.

The author's comments:

females should never depend onna man

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