123 in love

May 16, 2017
By Catlove_SM BRONZE, Calgary, Alberta
Catlove_SM BRONZE, Calgary, Alberta
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Favorite Quote:
If you can be anything, why not be yourself?

1,2 I fell right after I met you
3,4 not the same as I was before
5,6 giving me tricks
7,8 it’s way too late, can we try again another day?
Wish you could hear my thoughts before I said a word.
Because when I did I knew I didn’t matter to the world.
I wish I mattered to you like you matter to me.
But when I try to talk, I always end up silently wishing, just wishing that you would just walk with me
9,10 always want to see you again
11,12 I’ve always slept real well
But when I fell I couldn’t find the sleep, I knew you’d never be like that with me
Wish it would go back as it was before.
Wish I didn’t open up the door….
Now my thoughts are all about you…
What the hell am I supposed to do?
You stole my heart and broke it…
You stole my thoughts and won’t return them...
I just need to keep my self control.
You stole my heart and broke it….
You stole my thoughts and won’t return them….
I just can’t, oh can't lose my control, my control.
You stole my heart and broke it…
You stole my thoughts and won’t return them…. No!
Oh no... oh no…. I guess I lost my control my, my control.
Because you stole, because you stole, because you stole.
Because you’re a thief!!!
You couldn’t help yourself.
You had to have what no one had.
You stole my heart, you are to blame.
You stole my thoughts, I am to blame.
I let you in, I fell in love.
I knew you were wrong, I fell in love.
I wouldn’t have written this song...
If I wasn’t in love.
1, 2 I fell the second I saw you.

The author's comments:

I thought of this throughout the past year. It is somewhat based or inspired by Melanie Martinez's Milk and Cookies from the crybaby album but only the outline not the words. Thanks for taking the time to read my work ????

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