The Lover and The Hunter

May 4, 2017

There he stands with the bow in his hands


A universe of trees adorns all wayward lands

The lover stands, beauty unmatched

The locks of a goddess descend down her back

The lover calls to give him heed and true warning

To not challenge the beasts who nest above and are soaring

He descends into wild with passion and silence

Knowing his date is with action and violence

The forest was old, ancient and vernal

Like his love the trees stood, patient and eternal

The grace of the movement of the tusk adorned pig

The snap of the hunter as he steps on a twig

The fear in the eyes of a boar truly scared

The skull-splitting fury of the bow loosing air

As the kill lays there soundless, cut open and bleeding

A falcon descends on the hunter, face proud and gleaming

The claws of the bird reach deep in his chest

The cries of mortality are heard by the deaf

The teary eyed lover sees what has passed

She yells for the gods as she is there for his last

Deeply in love, her soul torn wide open

The tears come forth as the grief begins choking

The feeling of breathlessness caused by true loss

Her love was the item, his life was the cost

The hilt of his dagger as it turns into stump

The song of her heart as it ceases to thump.

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