May 3, 2017
By GabrielMaya SILVER, Flower Mound , Texas
GabrielMaya SILVER, Flower Mound , Texas
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-I'm pround of my self today

 because when I think

 my brain hurt.

 No longer it is bad

 because it never was my work.


-I'm pround of you too

 because when I do

 my brain doesn't work.

 So far so good 

 because once I could

 make my brain hurt.


-Did you see the sky ?


-No, I was watching Tv.

 And I watched a program

 it said maybe I couldn't exist.


-What does it means ?


-How could I know 

 if you never let me go?

The author's comments:

Pardon any english mistake. I am still learning this language.

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