March 21, 2017
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Love, what a beautiful thing
Innocent and positive in the joy that it brings
Relentless, powerful in the way that it sings
Overtaking heart and mind each every time that it pings
Sometimes it may seem hidden, notice, it’ll come back
Yeah if you focus you’ll see it’s slid into your knapsack
Love’s not so white and black, that’s a fact, carry it
Keep it with you long enough, who knows, you might marry it
Vindictive, indicative, indicates obliteration
If you wanna make a smiley face then search for celebration
The agenda that I’m pushing is one that should seem quite blatant
If you care for those who lift you up, then care for all your patrons
And if you care for those who push you forth, then don’t share love with fake ones
It’s ok if your love glows, exaggerate, put on a show
Play with fate, no one’ll know
More power to those you know

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