Summer Vibes

March 22, 2017
By Anonymous

The dark nights are warm

The pallets on the bonfire burn high and good people are near by

As we look up we see a thousand stars in the sky

In this open field full of fireflies we lie

Love those warm nights

Watch out for the fights

When the night is over the hang over kicks in

As I cut the wood I think about leaving early

All this manual labor makes me burly

End comes early

Then I go home and wait for the next day

The next day my mom makes me go do some hay

After it’s all done I go to my friends house to stay

The next morning I go and do hay again

I really enjoy this life amen

The next morning I go back to work

Splitting logs all day

The splitter splits them then we go get the chainsaw

We get done splitting and my uncle yells yee-haw

When I was riding home it felt like a see saw

The night was dark

We started a fire

We then invited a lot of people over

We were all flexing our trucks on the big culvert

After we went down a back road covered in dirt

Summer vibes fly

The author's comments:

A cool coutry tune about thye summer 

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