A Game of Cruelty

March 8, 2017
By MaluL BRONZE, Perrysburg, Ohio
MaluL BRONZE, Perrysburg, Ohio
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Constant yelling,
but never praise.
How can you keep this up
after all these days?
You reprimand me at every turn
until my eyes sting and the tears burn.
Are you trying to teach me something or just throw me down?
Because what you've caused me to lose will never be picked off the ground.
You make me hide my sadness in shame.
Time after time you still think it's a game.
Is this funny?
It's just cruel.
Yet every time I tell you,
You take me as a fool.
My spirit screams and claws
to be out of its fearful prison.
But with every confrontation only more fear is given.
You'll never understand how you've made me feel.
You'll never understand these emotions,
to you, they'll never be real.
No matter how many times
you make me run,
a game of cruelty
is never won.

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