Please Stay

February 3, 2017

Won't you,
Stay and live another day.
Freedom at last,
We'll find our way.
Won't you,
Stay and fight,
To be these dying lights.
Please stay,
We keep marching on.

[Verse 1]
All my life,
I give these lies,
To say goodbye.
Another 'n another,
After each other,
'Til I finally compromise.
Give this life,
Or I'll live it twice,
Who can you be?
Should I just die,
Leave you why,
Repeat it all again.


[Verse 2]
Time that flies,
Dreams stand by,
Escape reality.
Gifts of life,
And soaring heights,
What are you to me?
Breathing life,
Very first time,
What we cannot see.
Living a lie,
Before we try,
Dreaming of flight away.

(Chorus) 2x

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