November 12, 2016
By Jannee BRONZE, Clinton, Utah
Jannee BRONZE, Clinton, Utah
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Why are you so blind?
Can’t you see what he’s doing to you?
Can’t you see the bruises and scars he left behind on your body?
Everything he touches seems to die.
He hits you with every power in his body,
The apologizes, says it will never happen again.
Until the night he gets drunk and strikes again.
But wait, it’s okay because he didn’t mean to.
How blind can you be?
I see the pain in your tear stained eyes.
You’re too heart broken to see it.
Too blind to the monster he really is.
When are you going to open your
eyes and see the scars he left behind?
Tell me, is that really love?
Is that how you really want to live?
Can you not see the aggressiveness in his
Cold hearted that beats the women he “loves”?
Are you so blind that you can’t even see yourself?
Did he take that away too?
Open your eyes before it’s too late.
Open your eyes before you loose every one
And every thing you have ever loved.
Before there is no way out.
Because he has you completely controlled.
Then you’d be stuck with the beast.
Are you so blind to leave your family
Who’d never lay a finger on you?
Who’s more important?
Your family, who cares, or the beast,
Who thinks you’re trash and thinks you’re
His little punching bag.
Don’t let the coward fool you.
He’s nothing but a drunk who cares only about himself.
Beats you till he’s too tired to throw another punch.
But one day I am hoping you will see the kind of monster he really is.
Hoping one day you’ll be free of the hands that destroyed who you once were.
Think he is a man?
Think again.
That’s no man. That is a monster.

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