November 8, 2016
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But we’re back where we started. 7 billion people living half hearted in a world where we’re told
Follow your Dreams
Shoot for the Stars
Every cliché classroom poster with an astronaut on mars
You can be anything your gonna go so far.
And for a second we’re inspired, we might even believe it.
I can be anything.
Just for the next second to be blinded by reality, put back in that life’s of horrible neutrality
And that’s where the stop came in.
Stop and capture that feeling before the
Stop between milliseconds in time, between frames of mind, between the walls of that classroom
And realize
You need to go higher
Inspiration feels great but you can’t only be inspired.
No matter how much pain
Have someone screaming in your head that you can do better at all times
Don’t listen to good job or you’ll stay in the same place
You can’t be the person whose cool with getting second place in the race
And when you’ve reached your peak, after following your dreams, shooting for the stars, and going that far
You’ll see that you are,
What Socrates was to philosophy
What Mark Twain was to wit
In the begin you saw a poster saying you could be anything,
And now anything you wanted to be you’re it.

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