Goldilocks, Wanted Dead or Alive

September 13, 2016
By Kai517 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
Kai517 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
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Weird is normal, normal is weird.

Once upon a time...


I was fairly young,


Fairly recognizable


When someone took a risk


That most would just call sizable


I received a letter


Supposedly from Jack


Telling me to meet


Before the bears came back


Thinking I was early


I took some liberties


I ate, I sat, I slept,


Choosing as I pleased


Jack never came


When the bears arrived


I was chased right out


Forced to survive


A cold, hard truth


I spent life on the run


At my expense


Someone had their fun...




So now I'm


Goldilocks, wanted dead or alive


Dodging all authorities


Struggling to survive


During my spare time


To keep from getting bored


Got a horse named Porridge


And taught myself some sword


Goldilocks, wanted dead or alive


I will do what it takes to survive


(Chorus Done)


Life hasn't treated me fair


I knew it never would


So I tried to make it right


Doing all I could


The signs say


Goldilocks, wanted dead or alive


What was meant for guilt


Only gave me drive






If only I could find whoever


Put me in this frame


How could they?


They know what they did...


And as Goldilocks, wanted dead or alive


I never truly was one to kid






Their own jealousy ruined my good name...


I'm no longer the Goldilocks


You think you knew


I'm different now


It's not just because I grew


(Chorus x2)




Wanted dead or alive...

The author's comments:

In the summer before eighth grade, I was sitting down with some of my sister's church friends, discussing books. One girl piped up when she heard me say that I liked Harry Potter, and The Book of the King, and other books such as those, saying that I'd enjoy the Land of Stories series. I quickly purchased the first at Barnes & Noble, and next thing I knew, I purchased the next two from Amazon. I thought it was cool how people could turn other things into music, so I thought up a cool song, which I'm hoping I can turn into multiple others alongside it. I always knew my favorite character, Goldilocks, was totally innocent for all she'd been accused of, but I thought it was amazing how this just came to me. This is for the moment in the first book where Evly sneaks in on her in the blue dress, and Goldilocks suddenly grows furious.

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