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Seven lights of dawn

August 27, 2016
By Joyouscellyjc GOLD, Amritsar, Other
Joyouscellyjc GOLD, Amritsar, Other
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This is the tale of seven lights,
The seven witches of the night,
That live far away, out of sight,
This is the tale of seven lights,

The eldest stands with Violet eyes,
In the shadows, somewhere she lies,
And just as the night dies,
She disappears up above into the skies...

Then there is the flaming coals,
That burn like fire in her hold,
The second witch, she is so bold,
She vanishes into the flames, or so its told,

Then comes the one, as fair as dawn,
Light silver curls, her face, they adorn,
Her eyes yet look forlorn,
The third witch dissolves away when it's morn,

The colour of crimson her lips are,
The fourth witch holds such great power,
She can manipulate each minute, Each second, Each hour,
She unites with the night, she departs with the northern star,

With a sword in hand, with resolve she stands,
The fifth witch stands on fiery lands,
In the deserted valleys, somewhere among forgotten Sands,
With the dust she disbands,

Her fiery locks eternally shine,
In the moonlight divine,
The sixth witch flows like wine,
And disappears in the air, so fine,

Her Cape is pale,
She does not fail,
The seventh witch, through the waters, sails,
And shrouds herself with the horizon's veils,

Within the seven witches' sphere,
magic rises in the breezy air,
Amidst the chants of spell the night wears,
It goes deeper and deeper into the other realm 's Lear,

To pierce the darkness, they stand in line,
Each night their powers intertwine,
They chant their spells in symphony, their wild eyes shine,
They chant away till night sublimes,

This is the tale of seven lights,
The seven witches of the night,
That live away from the world's sight,
This is the tale of seven lights......

The author's comments:

Just another product of my overactive imagination

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