August 10, 2016
By Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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"We are always feeling every emotion, but only a few are screaming."

Verse 1:

Today is the day we enter the halls again,
The day we have been dreading and will to the end,
Three more years till we are free,
Because baby,
We have been on the hikes,
We have our number of scars,
But we still manage to march back and conquer all,
We are going on sixteen.
We are starting to move past all the drama queens,
And get into the real, real deals,
Momma calls wants to know,
Why I’m not home yet,
Well I guess because I am,
Having the best of days,
With you.

Verse 2:

Finally I am starting to see,
Who I was cut out be,
Did not know who I wanted to be,
Oh until I turned sixteen,
The drama queens dial down and we got pushed  to see the real world,
The one where you are on your own,
Suddenly I am not so happy grown up,
Wanna get back to the middle school queens and the disney princesses,
Oh one more day of immaturity,
I grew up too soon,
Oh I wanna go back,
Just one more day on the playground,
Getting made fun of for my shoes,
Oh take me back to my childhood,
I wanna play dress up again,
And stop caring about the rest of the group,
I got soaked in what people thought,
It brought my freedom to an end,
Oh what'd I do to go back.

Verse 3:

Seven year old hanging with best friend Victoria,
We always got ourselves the worst ending stories,
Miss those braids and those times when you could have a guy best friend without rumors spreading all over,
And I think back,
Oh I wanna go back,
I wanna paint all the time,
Stop being so shy,
I wanna go back and live to be the star the play,
Oh only if I could relive my life,
Everything that seemed worth it,
Does not seem worth anymore looking back,
Oh I wanna change myself.

Verse 4:

Sixteen was always my dream,
I grew up and got obsessed with cell phones too fast,
Couple months and I’ll be driving out of this town,
Now I’m here and planning my birthday party for the first time in years,
I dreamt about this day,
But now thats it’s here,
I just wanna go back to six year old me and play with my dolls,
Until the sun went down,
I just want my freedom back,
A world where no one cared,
What I looked like,
And now here I stand,
Makeup in my hand,
Can’t catch a break,
Just a world of a sixteen reality,
Nothing like my six year old dream had in mind,
When you are sixteen.

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