Dear Star

August 4, 2016
By , Charlotte, NC

Verse 1:

They say she is caught up in the death rattle,
Her body moves but her brain is already dead,
Trying to catch up to the soul,
Before the real devil comes in,
And it’s lights out forever.

I know these are not the hardest tracks you have had to cross in your past,
Strong girl,
Yes you are,
Tonight’s the night you got to join the other stars,
I will celebrate you from afar,
It’s only a few stars away till I will see you again,
Can not wait to catch your winning smile,
Took me worthwhile,
I wanna see you again.

Verse 2:

May have not seemed like it 100% of the time,
Some rhyme,
I loved you,
Through it all,
Now that I look back,
You were the strongest of them all,
Heaven has gained an angel,
I will be there up and afar away,
Watch me catch up to my dreams,
That you led me to believe I could do just about anything,
And I stand,
Got the strong of the world,
from you,
My gran.

Verse 3:

I know time will travel thin,
In packs of four,
But the group you were in held so much more,
You had swarms of people by your side,
Along for the ride,
Ready to glide away,
Here we stand,
Hand to hand,
This is really for our hearts,
When they catch up to our heads.

Verse 4:

I will look out for the stars at night,
Oh but gran,
You always seem,
In my eyes.

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