Lasting forever- Memories

July 17, 2016
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Unlike the events that happen and go,

Memories of them, friends or foe,

Etched in your mind eternity,

You can play and play them and brood for infinity.

Come, think of a time when for you,

Future was bleak, hopes were blue.

Or when you thought your dearest moment,

Was but a kind comment.


Oh laugh all you want,

At your past face gaunt.

Worrying about something that,

Is now as trivial as a hat.

Deny it don't you dare!

Something 'bout that glare,

Sends a chill down your spine,

Though it might be a memory of thine.


Remember that gratification,

Jubilant at ratification,

Truly isn't it best,

To remember some and forget the rest.

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