Stand Strong.

September 29, 2015

Close your eyes
as the shadows pass.
Don’t look up
as the darkness surrounds you.

Oh, even with the rain falling down
upon you.
Even with the storm rolling in
around you.

Don't run away,
Don't let it in

Because through all the pain,
Oh, your light will still come through

Shining through the darkness

So come on,
Come on,
Stand through the rain,
With the storm rolling in.

So stop your tears
and hold on tight,
to the dream you hold,
and the life you wish to know.
Oh, Oh Oh

Even with the rain falling down.
Even with the storm rolling in.

Don't run
Don't hide

Because the light will always shine through
Oh yes your light will still shine through

shining through the darkness.

Oh Oh Oh
Stand strong.

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