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March 18, 2015
By Life_line BRONZE, White Plains, Maryland
Life_line BRONZE, White Plains, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"

-Bob Marley

I close my eyes and see your face

and feel the warmth from your embrace

a new sensation's taking place


I've never felt like this

never thought that I could

I don't know what to make of it

But it feels so good

At first I was a normal girl

of my identity I was sure

but ever since the day we met

I've been so insecure

Every time that we meet eyes

You take away my breath

This is just so new to me

And I don't know what to make of it

I feel like Cinderella

with her ballroom dress

I feel like you're the hero

and I'm the damsel in distress


Your deep eyes amuse me

I think your smile is the best

Feels like you see right through me

If that makes any sense

My heart's going pitter patter

as you're dancing to the beat

Every time you start to groove

You sweep me off my feet


You twirl me on the dance floor

You teach me how to step

This night should last forever

Because I don't want it to end

You make me laugh like crazy

and you take away my stress

I'll never have to take no pills

Because you're my medicine


I've known you for a while

Our relationship is great

I know that I keep quiet

But I have a lot to say

I love your smile

I love your laugh

you bring me joy

when I am sad


You are my sun

That brightens up my day

you are my wind

That takes away my pain

I can feel at peace

whenever I am with you

All the secrets we share

Are my precious memories too


I could talk about you

Every night and day

But you better pay attention

I have one last thing to say

I think that you're the sweetest guy

Impossible to replace

And if I ever had the chance

You'd be the one I'd date


you'd be the one I'd date baby

You're the one that I dream of baby

You're the one that I think of all the time

you're the one that I love baby(x3)

You are the one that I love....

The author's comments:

Its the classic story of a girl falling for her best friend. I'm heads over heels, but with no room in my life plan for a relationship now. Im giddy with the mushy gushy emotions that come with a first love and Im hoping for a chance to have a relationship him in the future. Im pretty sure that we have all felt this way at least once in our lives and I hope that others can relate.Wish me luck!!!

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