January 29, 2014
Oh what a world we live in.
I just want to let go.
Free me to the river and sea.
All the time I just want to let go.
I know you.
I know that look in your eyes.
I know what you'll do.
The sun is creeping in.
Aluminates your skin.
In the moment we're lost in eyes.
Finger tips across my skin.
I'm in a foreign state.
Time slips away.
Sweet sadness in your eyes.
Damn these walls.

Holding too tightly.
Can't you see your smothering me?
We were ten feet tall.
Now my walls are falling down.
I feel love when I see you,
But all these scars can't go away.
You left me so light,
Now I feel nothing.
I remember feeling so high.

It's a shame that your the reason,
Cause once you stole my heart.

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